Diana Prince

2 hrs ago

The Los Angeles property will be hosting a very special guest on Tuesday evening. Clark Kent will be joining us at the reception and will be attending the Annual Super Hero Convention in downtown. Please be sure to greet him when you see him!

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Peter Parker

4 hrs ago

Social media, distribution channels, web investment, discounting, being risky and target-setting – it couldn’t be easier as an independent hotel owner, right? How do you choose which e-distribution channels are right for your hotel? Several factors need to be taken into...

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Victor Stone

Yesterday at 2 pm

We will have a routine server reboot at 1 am on Friday for 2 hours. During this time, you will not be able to log into your account. Please be sure to restart your computer when you come in the next day.

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Bruce Wayne

Yesterday at 5 pm

We would like to congratulate our stellar employee of the week, Richard Grayson, for his fantastic support to our entire community. He was a huge help when we were unable to get the Joker to perform, and stepped up with an alternate act.

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